Setting Up Your Perfect Practise Location
 Wherever you are doing your guitar practise, you want to make it as perfect as possible. 

Set up your practising environment
-Have your guitar out of its case
-Have music on a stand ready
-Have your tuner, your picks, whatever else you need ready 

At Guitar Tuition East London, we help with both keeping you accountable and helping you through any struggles on the guitar that may have been holding you back so you are motivated, knowing that everything you do is going to help you with your guitar playing. 

Other people that you can get to help motivate you and keep you accountable may be your parents, your friends, or band members. They may not be effective at helping you to learn guitar, but at least they can motivate you to practise and keep working on your playing! 

Make it easy for yourself to squeeze in just 20 minutes a day so that you can be confident you are progressing on the guitar. 

Get some motivational help 

It’s not always easy to motivate yourself towards improving on the guitar every day and every week. Consider asking a guitar-playing friend to hold you accountable in your practising. They can give you new inspiration for your playing as well. 

Write Down Your Achievements 

Finding out what you would like to do on the guitar

For many of us, we have busy lives. When we get home, the energy it takes to get the guitar out of its case, get our music ready, get our tuners out to tune the guitar might seem like too much. The more we can decrease the amount of time it takes to get from you getting home from work or moving off that sofa to playing the guitar, the better!

Make sure when you do practise, it’s actually practise

Best Ways to Motivate Yourself to Start Playing the Guitar Again 
There are often times in our lives where even though we are super passionate about the guitar, we cut back on our guitar playing and practise. This could bw due to a number of factors: work’s gotten too busy, you’ve just had kids, maybe you’ve been moving, Christmas just happened, or a you've taken a lovely long summer holiday. 

The most important thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past. The most useful thing for you for motivating yourself towards the future of your guitar playing is getting back into a routine so that you can progress, looking towards the future. 

If you are feeling stuck and out of routine with your guitar playing and want to know how you can re-motivate yourself, then this article is perfect for you. Let’s look at some easy things you can implement to help you get started again with your guitar playing. 

Remember, everyone has different goals and may work on different things, so progress on certain things may be different for other people. And each person has experienced music and learns guitar differently. The best way to see how you are getting on is just comparing your efforts with your own achievements. 

If you are interested in the best guitar lessons in London available, then get in contact with us. We would love to hear from you and find out how we can help motivate you and keep you accountable to help you advance on the guitar. Click on the link for best guitar lessons in London to find out more. 

It’s easy to get defeated if when you practise, you don’t see much difference in your playing over a period of time. Always make sure you are consistently practising. Even more important in the beginning of your learning, so you can build up your stamina mentally and physically for practising. 

When you practise, make sure you aren’t just playing the song, but actually targeting your weak spots and mistakes to improve your guitar playing. 

 Have a notebook to keep a note of positive things you have achieved so that you can look back and feel good about your progress! Lots of people, when they get good quite fast, forget how difficult it can be sometimes. And same goes the other way when you feel your progress is small. You’ve probably come a lot further than you think! 

Write down whatever goal you have in mind and keep it on the wall next to you when you practise to remind yourself of what you are after. 

One of the things that will help give you direction with your guitar playing and get you motivated again is thinking about what actually drives you to want to play the guitar. Is there something you’ve got in mind that will encourage you to want to achieve more on the guitar? 

It could be a song that you really want to learn or a friend you want to be good enough to jam with. Nothing is off limits.