"After years of teaching myself, I was still not satisfied with my playing. I have already begun to see improvement in my playing, and I really feel at ease in class."     -Jerry

"Before lessons with Eric, all I could do was read tablature and make a lot of noise. Eric got my practice sessions structured with musical goals set, and now I am on the right track! What separates Eric from other guitar teachers I've had is that he takes the time to make sure you understand what you are trying to learn. Music theory can be overwhelming but he is nothing but supportive through the process."     -David

"I initially taught myself the guitar but never understood clearly how to read music. What I needed was more structure and professional instruction. Eric has provided me with a wealth of knowledge about the guitar and reading music. He has instilled in me a confidence that I can achieve my goals. He is a patient and supportive teacher, and I am glad to be able to learn from him."   -Edward

"Eric has shown me what other instructors could not. Everything is explained and broken down until the light in your head comes on and you understand the lesson."   -Mike D

"Before guitar lessons with Eric in Fort Worth, I had trouble applying theory to my playing. Eric helped break down the concepts and makes the learning process fun."


"Eric taught me how to play the guitar. He is a really good guitar player and can play almost anything. He is a very good teacher and challenges you. I have learned a lot from group classes!"   -Hudson

"Ethan's playing ability has improved significantly since beginning his studies with Eric. Eric saw a specific need to address, and his flexibility and discernment in his teaching has led Ethan to be a more confident player, thereby enjoying his guitar more while becoming a better player." ​ - Mary, Ethan's mom

"I am way better after taking lessons with Eric. He is really good at explaining stuff and goes over things more than once so that I understand." John's father Adam says, "As a parent, I have appreciated how you have helped share your joy of music with John and built his confidence.  You are very encouraging, but also have high expectations of your students.  It is clear you that you love what you do." -John

"I learn faster, practice more, have more fun getting to play guitar, and I get to play better songs. Group lessons are fun!

"Reagan started guitar lessons with Eric about a year ago (as a 5th grader) and had never played before.  He really enjoys the lessons (both individual and group) and his progress has been awesome.  He started on acoustic and now plays electric as well. Eric is a very knowledgeable and talented musician.  Reagan looks forward to his weekly lesson and is very enthusiastic about continuing to progress!"- Reagan's Mom

"My ability was nothing and now I can play Smoke on the Water with my eyes closed. Eric has helped me best by going over the notes with me and with chords."    -Ben

"My ability on the guitar before starting lessons with Eric was very basic and not much fun. Now I know enough where I actually want to play the guitar because he has taught me so much!  Eric has helped me with chords and the biggest thing he has helped me with is learning how to enjoy making music. Eric was able to see where I was at with playing the guitar and has gone above and beyond on instructing and encouraging me at his school in Fort Worth."            -Jozelin

"Eric, your hands on approach, patience and understanding of guitar and children has helped Amaya and Erika not only pick up guitar fairly quickly but they have also gotten significantly better with their piano playing. There was no doubt after our first lesson that you would be teaching my daughters. Thank you!"   -James, father of Amaya and Erika

"Before coming to take lessons with Mr. Bourassa, I didn't know any music theory. My old teacher taught me in two years how to make simple chords, but with Mr. Bourassa I have learned to arpeggiate chords and many essentials of professional guitar in one year! He has been one of the best teachers I have ever encountered and I think that he has made me a better person all around. For anyone looking for a great teacher, I would suggest Mr. Bourassa!"-Trevor

"After just 6 weeks of guitar lessons in Fort Worth, Delia was playing several songs but most importantly, she could read music. She was totally engaged in playing and would see other musicians playing and say, "That's a G chord!" Not only is Eric a fun teacher, he is patient, organized and a wonderful instructor. Not only can he play- he KNOWS how to teach. We would highly recommend him to others!"   
     -Delia's mom, Lani

"I couldn't play the guitar before my lessons started, but now I'm pretty good! Eric is a good teacher. He's fun and he's good at what he does. Working with another student in the Real Rock Band program is great; it's easier when someone else is with you!"              -Darby

"I was not very good at first. I am way better now! Working in a group is great because other students can help and tell you how you're doing, too."                       -Collin

"Now I can play the guitar and I understand tabs, too. It helps being in a group to see how I 'm doing compared to others."           -Scott

"I didn't know how to play guitar before I started lessons with Eric. Now I can play and write my own songs to sing with at home. Eric makes practicing fun, and I like getting to hear what the other students in my group play at the Fort Worth school!"
​- Emma

Guitar Student Testimonials